Different Ways to Help Animal Charities

As much as we would love to help cats, dogs, and other rescued animals at local shelters, it can be hard. There are often not enough hours in the day to get our own tasks done, let alone volunteering for the many tasks shelters have on their To-Do lists!

Donating money is always easier, but maybe you are on a budget and just can’t spare that much at the moment. That’s alright. There are many different ways to help out without giving up all your free time, what little money you have left over at the end of the month, or energy you just don’t have.

Donate Wish List Items

Every shelter has a long list of things they need, whether it is bedding, cleaning supplies, crates, food, litter, or toys. Add a couple of these to your grocery list every month and drop them off when you can.


As difficult as it can be to say goodbye when the time comes, fostering saves lives, and by letting one dog or cat go on to their new home you are freeing up space for another animal in need. You will find that the farewells get easier over time and the feeling of helping creatures get to a place where they will be loved and looked after is very addictive.

Make That Call

Telephone local hotels and supply stores to see if they have items they are willing to donate. These places are a great source for bedding, cleaning supplies, envelopes, printer paper, and towels, for example. Every little bit helps.

Pet Cats

Cats also need to be socialised. If you’re a fan of felines, try to find some spare time every week to simply hang out with these critters. Petting and playing with them gets them ready for their new homes.

Share Adoption Profiles on Social Media

Your Facebook Timeline, Pinterest board, Tumblr page, and Twitter stream are all great ways to help get the word out about pets needing a home. Just sharing posts of animals up for adoption takes almost no effort or time and could well play a part in creating the perfect home for an animal in need.

Transport Animals

Do you own a car? If you do, a shelter will almost definitely be able to use you. Some of these havens have a difficult time when it comes to getting animals to and from vet appointments or from homes to rescue facilities and vice versa.

When you’re not playing bingo games online, donating some time, gas money, and your driving skills will help animals get the care they so desperately need and free up time for other volunteers to get more work done.

Walk Dogs

Shelters are frequently short-staffed and need help ensuring animals stay exercised and socialised. If you are good with dogs, why not take an hour or more a week to drop by and take a dog for a walk? This kind of activity has massive physical and psychological benefits for animals waiting to find their fur-ever homes.