Simple Ways Of Fighting Climate Change

There’s no denying that we’re currently dealing with a global climate catastrophe, and it’s more important than ever that we all begin fighting together to tackle the problem. Thankfully, there are a number of small changes every household and individual can make to start fixing mankind’s biggest issue right now.

1. Saving Energy

Ensure that all devices, including phones and laptops, are on standby as much as possible, and never leave them running, even if it’s on your favourite game of online roulette Australia. Always adjust the heating and air-conditioning thermostat. We can save energy and, of course, money at the end of the month by being careful how we use home appliances.

2. Reducing Emissions

Use your car less, using alternative transport, such as bicycling,, whenever possible, or use public transport more regularly. In long-distance travel, trains are more sustainable than aircraft, in terms of how much CO2 is emitted into the atmosphere. Remember that every kilometre you increase your speed will significantly increase CO2 emissions and expenses if making use of a car. Each litre of gas the car consumes is equivalent to 2.5 kilos of CO2 released into the atmosphere, according to scientists.

3. Start a Conversation

While most of us believe that climate change is a crucial issue that needs to be addressed immediately, we are also reluctant to talk to friends and family about it. Climate change talks can evoke all kinds of difficult emotions. And yet, solving climate change will require that we all work together, and we can’t do that without effective communication. It’s time we all had more discussions about the weather.

Start by asking one person how they have been affected by climate change. Listen to their tales and reflections, and then express your own.

4. Make Demands from Government

Request that we take action towards a more sustainable life, whenever you can: promote renewable energy, regulatory measures such as better labelling of goods (fishing process used, labels identifying brand sources, whether or not they are transgenic, etc.), and push for more sustainable public transport. Encourage the use of bikes and other non-polluting modes of transport in the city. People have more power than they realize to demand government action to raise global awareness of the problem of the climate crisis.

Many wind turbines and a large solar panel array in a desert valley, mountains in the distance and blue sky above. Palm Springs, California, USA

5. Invest In Renewable Energy

Even if solar panels or a wind turbine can not be installed in your home, you can still be part of the clean energy revolution. Be part of online programs to invest in regional renewable energy cooperatives. You will own any of the renewable energy projects of the co-op as a participant and earn a return on your investment. You can also discuss clean energy / technology investments with your financial advisor.

Let business know that you care about climate change by consulting with your bank or investment advisor to ensure that fossil fuels are not included in your portfolio. So make sure that not even your employer, nearby businesses or local university invests in fossil fuels. If they do, enter and launch a campaign for divestment.