Benefits Of Living a Minimalistic Lifestyle

Do we really need all the materialistic possessions we own? Minimalism is a concept that advocates for less is more in terms of material possessions, including our clothes, furniture, the food we eat and overall lifestyles.

Life has allowed people to believe that they need certain things to be happy or live fulfilled lives, however, one important factor about life and happiness is that no amount of material possessions can make you happy if you’re not happy from within.

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Lowering Your Personal Carbon Impact

There’s been a big focus on the amount of carbon that the human race is pumping into the atmosphere of the planet. The more carbon that we produce, the more heat that is trapped in the air, and the more the temperature increases. The degrees may not seem that big, but on a global scale, they can make drastic changes to the environment around us.

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A Guide To Electronic Minimalism

The idea behind minimalism is one that most don’t realise can extend to just about every part of their lives, even to their electronic and digital lives. Minimalism isn’t just about having as little stuff as possible, but to create a mindset where all things need to be cut back and kept clean. Luckily, there are a few easy ways of cutting back on electronics and making your life a little less cluttered.

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Have You Tried Clothing Swaps?

In a world of waste, with fast fashion, food and lifestyles, it can be easy to get caught up in having too much. However, it can also be hard to go the complete opposite route and get rid of everything. A great way to meet in the middle of these two extremes is to hold a clothing swap.

You aren’t introducing new items to the world by buying something you don’t need, but you are also giving yourself the chance to have some fun and get something new.

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Case Study: How Climate Change Affects The US Economy

Case Study - How Climate Change Affects The US Economy

We, as a collective, are starting to realise the ramifications of climate change. From rising sea levels to increased warming from unchecked carbon emissions, thousands of scientists across the world are screaming for action to be taken, and with over 123 countries taking part in school marches and protests, we may yet see governments around the globe start putting in stricter policies to control the amount of damage we’re doing to the ecosystem.

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