Time And Your Skin – How To Stay Glowing

The term “glowing” has become universally associated with a healthy and younger-looking skin.

For those looking to embrace an organic and natural lifestyle, there are many great ways to keep our skin looking youthful, healthy, and radiantly glowing.

Avoiding Sun-Ageing

Ultraviolet radiation is the number one cause for unsightly changes in skin colour – as well as premature ageing of the skin.

Experts recommend using a natural mineral-based sunscreen. Be sure to check out the list of ingredients. A good sunscreen lotion should contain titanium dioxide or zinc oxide and have an SPF rating of at least 30.

Organic (mineral) sunscreen is a natural barrier between your skin and the harmful rays of the sun and should be applied daily as a last step before makeup.


Exfoliation need not be harsh or leave you with red blotches. Instead, choose a light method of exfoliation by applying a non-irritating cleanser.

By regularly removing the dead outer skin cells, you will help your skin to rejuvenate itself as well as improve its absorption rate.

Your Gut Is Important

When thinking of skin-health, we often tend to forget about how gut health issues can manifest in other places in and on the body.

This connection between gut and skin is called the gut-skin axis.

By nourishing our gut flora, we also ensure healthy and beautiful skin. In fact, anything that isn’t healthy for the gut and the body, such as processed foods, unhealthy fats, and sugar, will ultimately show up as visible on our skin.

When left unchecked, the inflammatory processes caused by an unhealthy gut will eventually show up as skin problems.

Studies have shown that between 7 and 11% of people with inflammatory bowel disease (IBS) will develop psoriasis.

Keeping your gut – and ultimately your skin – healthy means cutting out sugar, adding gut-nourishing foods to your diet, staying properly hydrated, and managing your stress levels.

After-Bath Moisturising

Moisture is an essential factor when talking about the health of our skin.

The best way to ensure this, other than staying hydrated throughout the day, is to apply care routine to your skin directly after bathing or showering. This will help you to replenish your skin after washing, thereby sealing in the moisture.

Get Moving

Leading an active lifestyle increases healthy blood flow in the body. For our skin, this means bringing important nutrients, minerals, and oxygen to the surface.

This is why a regular workout followed by some time relaxing at soccer betting sites will ensure not only a healthy heart, but also healthy and glowing skin.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is vital as it evens out and brightens the tone of our skin. Research has shown that this special vitamin protects our skin against the environment, balances pigmentation, and even promotes the formation of collagen in the body.

Quit Smoking

Smoking is bad for the body – and for our skin.

Especially when wanting a glowing skin, smoking is a number 1 enemy.

This is because the harmful products found in a cigarette restricts oxygen supply in the body, including oxygen supply to the sin. Smoking also cause harmful free radicals to build up in the body, which can lead to all kinds of potentially deadly diseases, including skin cancer.