Common Deficiencies In Veganism

All diets are different. They provide different nutrients in different ways. This can easily be seen in the vegan diet. Here, instead of getting protein from meat, you get it mostly from legumes. This is an important distinction to always keep in mind. And it’s also why some deficiencies are more prevalent among vegans than other people.

Vegans don’t suffer from that many deficiencies. But there are some that are good to know about. So, keep reading to find out what they are and why they matter.


This is an important deficiency to keep in mind. It’s also worth keeping in mind that there are a lot of arguments against veganism because of iron. And this is because of the way vegans get their iron. This iron is found in many plant sources.

But the problem is that certain beverages can lessen the amount that we ultimately digest. A great example of this is tea. A normal black tea can block much of the iron absorption in your body. This is because of the tannins that occur naturally in tea. The best way to get around this deficiency is by simply not having tea during a meal. In fact, experts recommend avoiding tea completely for an hour before and after a meal.


This is a common trope. It sees a vegan being mocked because they do not get enough protein. The truth is, however, that vegans tend to get more protein than most people. Keep in mind that these same proteins are found in plants, too. And the cow or pig also eats those proteins and then passes them on. There are studies that also suggest that vegans get more protein in general. This is worth keeping in mind the next time you are worried about not getting enough protein.

Fatty Acids

Omega-3 fatty acids are vital for the brain. They are important for a number of brain-related functions. Without these fatty acids, we can battle to concentrate. These fatty acids can also help with a wide manner of different things.

Consider the last time you were doing work or reading. Or enjoying a hobby, such as playing video games, playing sports, reading the news, enjoying gambling online, or even watching a movie. If you are battling to concentrate, you should supplement with these fatty acids. With this in mind, it’s important to choose a yeast or algae-based source of these important acids.


Another deficiency common in vegans is a calcium deficiency. Low calcium leads to weak bones that break easily. But calcium is also needed by the cells in our body. This means that getting enough calcium is extremely important. To this end, the best source of calcium is in dark, leafy greens. Therefore you should eat as many dark, leafy greens as possible. Some examples of this include kale and spinach. Eating more greens will provide all the calcium that you could need.