The Best Plant-Based Sources Of Protein

One of the most prominent arguments against adopting a plant-based diet is the lack of protein, and it’s an argument that almost any vegan is well-aware of. In fact, it’s such a popular counterargument against going vegan that many vegans actually believe that they are lacking in protein.

The truth is, however, that most vegans get more than enough protein, and it’s not actually as prevalent as a deficiency is something like Vitamin B12.

For those that do want to get enough protein in their diet after making the switch, these are the best plant-based sources around.


Quinoa is an ancient grain that many consider a complete protein. What this means is that quinoa is actually home to all 9 essential amino acids, although the amounts can vary substantially.

And while one amino acid is fairly low in quinoa, it has large amounts of the other 9 per cup, making it a perfect way to get almost all the amino acids that the body needs.


Oats are regarded as being something of a superfood, especially as more studies have been completed on the famous grain and its many attributes.

Not only does it come packed with tons of fibre, but it also has enough protein to keep even the most dedicated of trains packed with protein. Oats come in many shapes and sizes, but rolled oats are one of the healthiest forms that are worth eating on a daily basis.


When it comes to a true meat substitute, there are few alternatives as good as tofu. Made from soybeans, tofu comes in both soft and firm forms, and both are overflowing with protein. Soft tofu can be added to smoothies, giving it a creamy texture, while firm tofu makes for a great substitute in dishes that would otherwise call for meat.

The flavour profile is incredibly mild, meaning it won’t overpower any dish that it’s added to, but it’s also versatile enough that it can be grilled, fried, or baked.


As one of the healthiest groups of foods on the planet, there are a lot of different reasons to incorporate legumes into a diet. Legumes encompass a wide range of plants, and include such varieties as beans, chickpeas, lentils, and more. Because of their diversity, legumes make for a great all-rounder for those that like to experiment with different recipes.

Chickpeas and lentils are considered the best of the bunch, with the former being great for making hummus and other foods, while lentils are perfect for soups and stews. Research has proven that not only are legumes great as a source of protein, but they come with enough fibre to meet the RDI.

Chia Seeds

While chia seeds are usually reserved as a thickening agent, these little seeds hide a secret: they’re among the best foods in the world. In fact, not only are they fantastic for meeting the daily protein quota, but few other foods come with as much fibre, vitamins, and minerals.

One idea is to combine chia seeds, oats, and other ingredients to make overnight oats, the ultimate healthy breakfast.