Have You Tried Clothing Swaps?

In a world of waste, with fast fashion, food and lifestyles, it can be easy to get caught up in having too much. However, it can also be hard to go the complete opposite route and get rid of everything. A great way to meet in the middle of these two extremes is to hold a clothing swap.

You aren’t introducing new items to the world by buying something you don’t need, but you are also giving yourself the chance to have some fun and get something new.

A clothing swap is basically a gathering where everyone brings clothes that they no longer want or wear, and then you all take turns showing what was brought, and whoever is interested in the item can take it home with them. You can then choose to take your items that weren’t claimed home again, or agree to donate them all to charity. Everyone gets to clear out their cupboards, and gets some new fashion to enjoy, all the while putting something together for those in need. It’s also usually a good, fun afternoon with friends.

So, how do your throw one of these parties yourself?

Set The Rules

Step one is to always set out the ground rules. Start by deciding on your guest list – try to include all shapes, sizes and ages so that everyone’s style is accounted for. Then put a limit on how many items everyone should bring – both maximum and minimum. You don’t want someone pitching up with one top and someone else with thirty dresses because that’s hardly fair. It’s also important to stress that the items should all be in good condition, and clean. Many hosts will stipulate no underwear, or at least no underwear that has ever been worn.

For the event itself, it’s nice to ask each guest to bring a plate of eats. This way, you don’t have to clean up, cater and host – at least some of the work will be done for you. Additionally, the whole event is about sharing anyway. When setting up, make sure there is space for all the clothing and try to get rid of any clutter in the room. You can also consider setting up areas for people to try on their new swaps.

Finally, create a fair way to choose who gets to take the item if more than one person is interested in it. It can be as simple as playing Rock, Paper, Scissors – everyone just needs to be clear on the procedure.

Open Up To More Than Clothes

Consider opening up the event to items outside of clothing, just like sports betting sites like https://australianbettingsites.org/election/ that now offer the chance to engage in political betting in Australia. People can bring candles, cutlery, crockery, artwork, books, and more. All of these items can clutter up your home and be difficult to get rid of even if you aren’t using them. However, someone else might be looking for exactly what you don’t want. These items can then all be taken to a charity shop if no one claims them at the swap party.