The World’s Largest Charity Organisations

The idea of a charity is one of compassion, where people come together to pursue a common good, often for the benefit of the less fortunate or animals, which has never been more important in a world ruled by wealth disparity. There are millions of charity organisations around the world, each focussing on a specific aspect of charity that most others would prefer to ignore or not assist with, and without many of these charities in place, there’s no doubting that the world would be in a much more serious state than it’s in at the moment.

Supporting local charities is almost always the preferred way of making donations or offering help, but for those that are unsure about the charities around them, these are some of the world’s most well known and reputable charities worth donating to.


PETA, also know as People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, is one of the world’s leading non-government organisation when it comes to the protection of animals and their rights. They are an organisation that has had a number of mishaps in the past, and constant lobbying from the meat industry has made PETA a target for many in the public, but there’s no denying that the organisation is one of the key drivers behind many of the quality of life improvements for animals around the world. They work in tandem with lawyers internationally as they work to stop large-scale cruelty as well as focussing on pets that have been severely abused. There are many rumours floating around about PETA’s involvement in animal killings, but it’s easy to find evidence that this simply isn’t true, and they are an organisation that needs as much help as possible.


As arguably the largest environmental NGO on the planet, Greenpeace is a name that just about everyone has heard of. They have offices in 55 counties across the globe, and much of their focus is the preservation of the environment as well as many grassroots movements aimed at the stoppage of monoculture and large environmental damage caused by modern industries. Greenpeace has become a serious powerhouse, and their stamp of approval is recognised by most major international organisations, especially when it comes to sustainable practices. Started by Irwin and Dorothy Stowe, this is an NGO that continues to grow bigger with each passing year thanks to generous donations – which can easily be funded by big bingo fun –  and volunteer work.

Peace Corps

Similar in some ways of Greenpeace but more of a focus on uplifting people in need, the Peace Corps is an international charity and volunteer based organisation that has become known for offering social and economic development projects. Much of their work is based on volunteers travelling to poorer parts of the earth and helping the locals build housing and a wide range of other facilities designed to bring more people out of poverty in a long term and sustainable way. The Peace Corps is open to anyone that’s willing to put in the time and effort to help those that really need it the most.