Bring Your Skin To Life With Exercise

What ever way you choose to look at it, exercise is goof for you. It can help you lose weight, stay in shape, and improve your fitness levels. It can even improve your mood by stimulating production of dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin.

But what you may have missed, is the impressive skin benefits that come with regular exercise.  You can easily improve your complexion and overall skin quality by simply fitting in a quick exercise a say.

As the largest organ, it only makes sese that your skin reaps the same benefits that your other organs do by exercising regularly. Another skin-related aspect to consider is that it is exposed to everything you do – the good and the bad. And as such, you need to look after it.

So without beating around the bush any longer, let’s look at the benefits that exercise can offer your skin when added to your daily routine.

5 Benefits Of Exercise For Your Skin

  1. It can force your cells to act younger: The increased heart rate that comes with exercising does more than simply get your blood pumping; it also increases the production of protein from the muscles. This protein is known as IL-15 and is responsible for powering the skin’s mitochondria. As a result, it forces the sells to act younger. Research has even found that microscopically, your skin could look up to 25 years younger.
  2. Prevents premature aging: There are so many reasons for skin aging prematurely, but what we can say is that exercise can help to reduce the risk of these factors making it a reality. One of the ways in which exercise can achieve this is by managing and controlling blood sugar, oxidative stress and facilitate collagen production. It also prevents advanced glycation end production.
  3. Anti-inflammatory properties: All forms of exercise have been found to reduce inflammation in the body. This is achieved by releasing proteins with anti-inflammatory proteins. It also assists in reducing the release of stress hormones. This is important because inflammation and stress can cause skin breakouts, so to prevent acne and eczema flare-ups, get moving.
  4. Foster cell growth and development: We have already mentioned that the blood flow that comes with exercise is good for your physical, emotional, and mental health. This is because the increased circulation helps to transport nutrients ands oxygen to your skin cells. This results in glowing, healthy skin. It is a great source for detoxing the body be processing impurities and eliminating them from the body.
  5. A good skincare routine: Okay, this does not relate to the benefits of exercise, however, it is important to look after your exterior skin as much as you focus on making it healthy from the inside. This means that you need to cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturise regularly to get rid of build-up, prevent breakouts and reduce the appearance of blemishes. Bonus points for wearing sunscreen or when enjoying the online gambling Nigeria has to offer on your phone while out and about.

Exercising Is The Key To A Happy And Healthy Body

So, in case you needed the reminder, exercise is good for you! It is good for your mind, body, soul, and skin!