5 Reasons to Avoid Meat Completely

Humans have been consuming meat for thousands of years, and many believe that it’s partially responsible for why the human race has advanced so much in a relatively short space of time.

Meat, as an organic source of nutrients, was undoubtedly packed with enough calories to keep our ancestors going even during the toughest of times, but we’re living in an age where we have access to a huge assortment of different veggies and fruit, enough to allow us to go off meat forever.

For those that want to try a vegan lifestyle but remain undecided, here are the top reasons to switch over.

1. Lower Cancer Risk

The World Health Organisation released a study on meat where they concluded that processed meat is essentially a carcinogen, and stated that eating meat increases the chances of developing colon cancer by 18 per cent.

They’ve also found that those that avoid meat entirely, such in the case of a vegetarian, where 40 per cent less likely to develop some type of cancer, with the most common being breast, colon, and prostate cancer.

2. Maintaining a Healthy Body Weight

It’s become increasingly difficult for the average person to maintain a healthy bodyweight; as in one that conforms to BMI standards. Studies have proven a link between a healthy and fully functional metabolism and eating less meat, which also means that those that consume less meat on average also have a much easier time of maintaining their ideal bodyweight.

Metabolic rates have been found to be 16 per cent for those that follow a vegan diet. When craving meat, it’s best to try and find a distraction, such as online blackjack Canada games or a new TV series.

3. Highest Risk of Disease

Food poisoning is one of the most common forms of poisoning in the United States, and almost all of it can be traced back to infected meat. In fact, the Department of Agriculture found that 70 per cent of all food poisoning cases were caused by contaminated meat.

Unlike vegetables or other vegan products, meat is much more susceptible to becoming contaminated, and under-cooking meat comes with a number of problems, such as not thoroughly killing any harmful bacteria.

4. High Levels of Hormones

It’s no secret that farmers within the meat industry pump their animals full of hormones.

Some of the most common are growth hormones that allow the animals to grow bigger and have more meat. The problem here is that many of these hormones are then eaten by people, which can lead to a multitude of health problems.

5. Antibiotic Resistance

Factory farms are a breeding ground for all manner of bacteria, often because of the conditions of the farm. In order to prevent the animals from getting sick and dying, the farmers will inject antibiotics into the animals, which is then transferred to us.

The more antibiotics we consume, the more likely that bacteria will begin to evolve and become more resistant, increasing the chances of coming across a strain that even the most potent antibiotics are able to fight off successfully.