6 Ways to Raise Money for a Good Cause

The world has so many good causes, but the problem is that there is never enough money to fund them.  Here are a few ways you can go about raising money for your good cause.

1. Fashion Show

Holding a fashion show is a great way to raise money and always draws a crowd.  It is quite easy to organise, if you have a ramp, this is the ideal way to hold a fashion show, but is not really necessary.

Approach a few of your local clothing stores and ask to borrow clothing in exchange for free advertising.  Choose your good cause and tell include the name of it in your advertising, it is sure to bring in even more people and more money.

2. Carnival

Carnivals are a great event and are especially great for families.  This is an excellent way to raise funds and you can decide how big you want to go.

If can organise a carousel or other exciting rides that is great, if not you can arrange for some simple games and homemade booths and the volunteers can dress up giving a fun experience.

3. Theme Parties

Themed parties are always a hit.  Choose a theme and let everyone dress up and enjoy an evening of fun and food.

Try and think of exciting ideas, not just the usual ones, Academy Award winning movies, winning sports events from betting sites, an era like the 60s or 80s, capitals of the world, prom or homecoming.  Raise money by getting your friends, family and others to pay an entrance fee and in this way raise money.

4. Walkathon

Walkathons are not just for the energetic; this type of event is great for everyone and the whole family even the dogs can join in.  Let people pay a registration fee and also get their friends and family to sponsor them per kilometre walked.

All donations can be given to raise money for your good cause.  A good walkathon could be a beach walk, an easy hike, a walk around the neighbourhood or even a longer walk for those who have the energy.

5. Battle of the Bands

A battle of the bands may take some organising and outlay of cash, but is worth it in the long run.  Advertise your event locally or nationally depending on big you are willing to go.

Get the prospective bands to pay an entry fee and also get the audience to pay an entrance fee to watch.  Get some judges and involve the audience as well in voting, it always makes it more fun for them.

6. Cook Off

Why not hold a cook off?  Get people from your neighbourhood to cook their favourite dish and have it judged.

They can pay an entrance fee to enter the competition and try and get a local store to donate a really great prize for the winner.  These are always fun and will draw a crowd.  Get the spectators to pay an entrance fee, more money for your good cause.