3 Ways to Optimise Your Energy Levels

In order for us to function at an optimum level, our energy levels need to be at optimum levels and there are a few ways that we can ensure that this happens.

1. Increased Confidence

A study has shown that a boost in confidence will help to increase energy levels and the researchers are not sure why this happens, but taking steps to improve your confidence will give you more energy.

Try to learn something new each day without overloading your mind with too much information, an information overload will drain your energy rather than optimise it.  Choose certain areas and focus on them, use a practical approach and learn what you need to in order to improve your work and your life.

2. Monitor Energy Levels

Track your energy levels.  Each of us function differently, some of us prefer to be up till late enjoy online betting at all hours, while some of us prefer to have an early night and our brains do not function as well after a certain time.

Look at what time of the day you feel most energetic and use an alarm to go off each hour and track what you are doing and if your energy levels have changed and why, maybe you ate a heavy lunch loaded with carbs.  At the end of the week look at your notes and see if there is a pattern to your energy levels.

When you understand how your energy levels work try your best to honour them.  If you know that your energy levels go down at 3pm each day and you try to push through the slump it may result in doing more harm than good and your energy levels may even go lower.  At this time rather take a break by taking a walk or even a power nap of 10 or 20minutes.

Remember that you do not have to strictly adhere to your energy levels.  Try out various different ways of increasing your energy levels by exercising, try out different foods, drink more water and get more sleep.  See which option works best for you and you may find that you no longer have an energy slump.

Even if you feel super energetic, it does not necessarily mean that you are operating at optimum energy levels, remember that you are not a robot, rather try to balance your intense productivity with other activities that do not require too much energy and take more breaks.

3. Reduce Boredom

Boredom may also be a problem and is a big cause of reduced energy levels.  If things are slow at work, boredom may set in and if you feel you are unable to take a break from work due to various circumstances, but you do not have enough work to keep you busy it is a good time to try out something new like learning new skills.

Having increased energy levels will help you to not only perform better at work but will also overflow into your personal and home life.  Sleep and eating properly is an important part of optimising energy levels and will help you to function well.