Going Organic on a Budget – A Guide for Newbies

Organic food is produced by methods which comply with the standards for this type of farming. These systems vary from country to country, but generally feature practices that promote ecological balance, cycle resources, and conserve biodiversity.

These products are created in cleaner, more environmentally-friendly ways, but are generally thought to be a lot more expensive than those grown in standard locations which make use of pesticides and the like. They sometimes are, but there are ways that you can offset these additional costs so that your overall expenditure won’t be much higher than it is now.

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Buy Direct from Farms If You Can

Farmer’s markets and Community Supported Agriculture settings are usually a lot less pricey than organic markets and the additive-free section of your local grocery store. You’re also guaranteed to find the freshest flavours of each season, are supporting members of your community when you shop this way, and you might even get some great recipe tips from people who know everything there is to know about the products they grow and sell.

See What You Can Make Yourself

Processed organic food is usually pricier than its conventional equivalent, but there are quite a few items on your shopping list that you could quite easily create yourself. Don’t buy granola cereal, for example. Get a nice mix of the ingredients you most enjoy and put it together yourself! Making baby food is very easy too, and you can be 100% sure that the ingredients are fresh and in their natural state when you’re doing it yourself.

Buy in Bulk Where You Can

Thoroughly preparing your shopping list for the month will tell you how much of each foodstuff you’re going to need, and purchasing larger amounts of the ingredients you use will work out a lot cheaper than picking them piecemeal up as you need them.

You Could Start a Co-Op, Too

Do you want to buy a side of organic pork or beef but don’t have anywhere to store it? Are you worried you won’t get through it fast enough? Think about joining up with like-minded individuals and pooling the expenses and storage facilities that you’ll need if these are issues you’re facing.

Don’t Forget Your Garden

Even the tiniest balcony can support a pot or two, and there are clever stacking methods that help you get a lot more plants in smaller spaces if you don’t have the luxury of your own piece of land, too.

Stock up on tomatoes, pop a pepper into a window box and enjoy the greenery and lovely scents along with the eventual harvest. Herbs are also very easy to grow this way, and you can enjoy fresh basil, mint, parsley and so much more right from your kitchen window.